Safety Measures

Protecting Our Community

A Safe Environment For Exploration

Providing a safe and clean environment at Transform Power Yoga continues to be one of our top priorities. To make sure we are providing the best environment for you we clean and sanitize the studio after every class. We take the time to clean and sanitize all client touch points in between each class. This includes all door handles, floors, studio mats, blocks and other equipment or other areas our community may encounter.

We use sanitizers proven to be helpful in stopping the spread of bacteria and viruses, including Covid 19. In addition to our cleaning and sanitizing protocol we use hospital grade HEPA air filtration system to keep our environment clean and safe.

We do not require masks while in the studio but welcome you to practice however you feel is best for you. To support your sanitation practices, we have sanitizer in studio and in the lobby.

We ask that anyone in our community who is experiencing any signs of illness to include: Fevers, Headaches, Sore Throats, Jaundice, Diarrhea, Nausea or Vomiting to take time to let their body rest instead of coming into the studio to practice.

If you have any questions about our procedures or policies please let us know.